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Our goal is to develop strong partnerships that create enduring value by consistently being at the forefront of our industries with new products, services, and business models – all while being customer-driven and maintaining a focus on sustainable solutions.

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In CMI Ventures we share the sentiment of the famous soccer player, Pelé, who once said: “no individual can win a game by himself.” Meet our team.

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CMI is a family-owned multilatina company that increases investment, generates job opportunities, and promotes economic development across the region. Following the entrepreneurial spirit of our founder, we have developed a diversified portfolio of business units in the food industry, real estate and energy sectors.

Who said it would be easy? -All I have earned has cost me a lot.

Juan Bautista Gutierrez, CMI Founder

Francesco "Checo" Marzano

Head of CMI Ventures
Checo brings a dynamic blend of strategic acumen, a global vision, and an unwavering passion for disruptive innovation to his role as the head of our corporate venture arm. With a career that spans diverse corporate strategy, financial, and commercial roles in international settings, and an MBA from Columbia Business School, he is positioned to offer founders versatile guidance in their own complex journey. His close relation and profound understanding of CMI’s history and operations uniquely positions him to navigate our corporate ecosystem in search of value-adding synergies and growth opportunities. In short, Checo leverages his experience and networks to be an important ally in harnessing our corporate capabilities and cultivating the conditions needed to forge enduring partnerships in the ever-growing family that is CMI. He loves spending time with his loving wife, Cecilia, and their son, Enzo, while enjoying Guatemala’s outdoors or traveling to explore new cities and cultures.

Maria Isabel "Isa" Rodas

Venture Program Manager

Constantly evolving, growing, and learning, Isa boasts over a decade of experience in the food, agro, and retail industries in Canada and Central America. Isa is an industrial engineer and holds a Master’s in Finance from Tulane University. She possesses strong skills in transformational projects, and business management, coupled with domain expertise in finance and sustainability. Alongside CMI executives, Isa led the creation of CMI’s Venture arm and is committed to help start-ups grow towards a more sustainable future. She is also a dedicated mother, a social entrepreneur, a sports enthusiast, and a children’s book writer.

Ana Lucía "Lulu" Cerezo

Lulu brings with her an accomplished career in the banking and finance sector and holds a Master in Banking and International Finance from City University in London. With expertise in customer service and financial risk management in banking, she then moved on to Corporate Finance at CMI in 2008 and is currently CMI’s Treasury Director, where she oversees the end-to-end Financial Structuring and Treasury process for the entire Corporation. With a constant and purposeful pursuit of knowledge, Lulu believes that embracing change with a critical, problem solving, and strategic is key to achieving success.

Alfonso Neira

With over 35 years of experience spanning the consumer goods, finance, building materials and energy industries, Alfonso is currently CMI’s CFO, where he leads the finance strategies for the Corporation. Throughout his career, he has taken on diverse roles in multiple countries such as Colombia, The UK and Canada, among others. A passionate scuba diver, Alfonso has set out to explore the underwater world, together with his wife and children.

Luis Pedro "Lupo" Recinos

Lupo is the Corporate Managing Director at CMI, where he has played a key role in the evolution and growth of the organization. As an industrial engineer, he holds an MBA from Kellogg School of Management, with rich background in multinationals like Exxon Mobil, Citigroup, and IBM. Lupo is a TEDx speaker and published author, advocating gratitude’s role in resilience and happiness. An avid reader and marathon runner, he brings a unique blend of business acumen and personal passion to the Venture Capital world.

Enrique "Quique" Crespo

Quique joined CMI in 2011 and is currently the CEO of CMI Capital. Throughout his journey at CMI, he has successfully led the transformation, standardization, and integration of the corporation by implementing world-class practices in human resources, procurement, technology, finance, and legal processes. He also spearheaded the 2015-2025 strategy and the inorganic growth plan that propelled CMI’s regional expansion in renewable energy and its foray into the Andean region’s food industry.
With more than 20 years of experience in banking and finance, he has held various positions, including Development Manager at Westrust Bank (International) Ltd., CEO at GTC Bank, and Board Director of the Capital Risk Fund in Guatemala and Central America at Central America Venture Capital. Additionally, he served as the Deputy Director of the Guatemala Stock Exchange. Happily married with 3 kids, enjoys photography.

José Gregorio Baquero

José Gregorio joined CMI in 2009 as a consultant, and has held the roles of senior advisor, non-executive board member and now CEO of CMI Foods, one of the largest food companies in Latin America, operating in 11 countries, employing more than 40,000 people and nourishing millions of families across the region through its high-quality brands, products, and services. He has spearheaded a strategy- and purpose-driven transformation of CMI Foods, focused on creating a high-performance, integrated food company. He is currently directing the expansion of CMI’s U.S. presence, which is mainly driven by the quick-service restaurant chain, Pollo Campero. An outstanding alumnus of The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Jose Gregorio holds an MBA and graduated with honors. He is a believer in purposeful leadership based on humility, hunger, hustle, and heart; connected to a clear and compelling vision aligned with CMI’s REIR values (Responsibility, Excellence, Integrity and Respect).

Daniel Maldonado

An avid entrepreneur, Daniel’s career began in Colombia, where he successfully sold his first startup in logistics. Later on, he pursued a postgraduate degree in Boston and has gathered a broad experience in the logistics, agribusiness and food industry working all over the globe for more than 20 years. In 2020, he joined the CMI family as the General Director for CMI’s B4B Business Unit. Currently based in Guatemala City, he enjoys family life with his wife Adriana and their two children, Antonia, and Julián.